Hi, Spring: How to Wear Oversized Coat?

March 7, 2016
black oversized coat

In fact, the oversize style implies certain forwardness – you put on large things that do not hinder your movements, and enjoy the comfort. Oversize coat isn’t an exception. What about black oversized coat?

Oversized coats

Oversized coat came into our lives a long time ago and, apparently, settled down in our wardrobes quite firmly. So, today I will try to tell what is better to wear with oversized coats to look really stylish, but not funny.

Women’s oversized coat
Well, certainly the most popular in the last few years option – to wear women’s oversized coat with so called court shoes and jeans (boyfriends, mom jeans, skinny, with high waist, any).

Oversized coat
Another not less cute and stylish way to wear oversized coat, especially if you do not want put on heels, with sneakers, ballet flats or oxford shoes.

Oversized black coat
Coats of this style can be worn as part of office style with a pencil skirt, cropped pants or leggings (if the dress code allows). In this case it would be appropriate to choose oversized black coat.

Large massive coatDue to its versatility large, massive coat looks good with both an evening clutch and a large leather shopper bag.

Oversized coat for women
Nevertheless, oversized coat for women still is an article of minimalist style. Therefore such garments should be accompanied by more restrained accessories.

Oversized grey coat with skirt
Want to look more womanly? Choose, for example, oversized grey coat with skirt or dress.

Grey oversized coats
As for the colors, recently the most popular are the pastel shades of blue, pink, green, and brown. Do not forget about the classics: black and grey oversized coats are still in fashion.

Oversize coatIt is hard to imagine such a clothing combined with a romantic blouse with ruffles. So, the main piece of advice – choose a reserved and laconic form of tops, trousers and skirts. And let your oversize coat to shine!

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